Weird Laws from Around the World

Every country in the world has its own rules, and those rules are in the interests of the people and their social security. Some countries have passed some laws of forbidding strange things that it makes no sense, but those rules are actually worked with and had been applied on anyone in that specific country, and the penalties could get to long prisoning or huge fines.
So in this article we are going to talk about the weirdest forbidden things in countries governments;

We cannot talk about the forbidden odd things cited by governments without mentioning North Korea.
The government in North Korea has complete control in what it concerns media، that it decides in the matter of television programs and forbids watching any other foreign channel, and even if you wish to you will find that quite impossible because there are only four channels available on the local TV so you would have no other choice but to only watch them. Not only television, but the publicity field is also controlled but the Korean government which doesn’t allow any foreign product from being published on a local magazine or television, and for the available magazines, there is only two kinds of them, political and educative. So on, anything that would help the Korean citizens to be open to the outer world. Only a small category of the North Korean society have smartphones, and even those have no access to international calls.
And as known that North Korea is one of the countries which does not exactly acknowledge all the religions that’s why the people there are not allowed to talk about any other religious aspect or beliefs or even buy anything that is connected to religion or its practices.

Despite the fact that Malaysia is a great industrial country and classified as one of the finest countries if this Southeast Asia but Dad has not stopped AIDS from passing the law of forbidding a strange thing.
In the latest of 2015, the Malaysian government had decided to for a bit wearing any yellow T-shirt with the word “BERSIH4″ on it, even forbid any piece of clothing with that specific word written on ii. And the idea of that ban came from the fact that the Malaysian opposition used to get out protesting in the streets against the government corruption wearing that kind of clothing, and indeed many protesters had been arrested for wearing t-shirts with that logo. It had been popularized in the country that anyone who would do the same is going to be arrested.

An Italian town named Celia had a release an odd low in 2015.
The band had been something by the mayor of the town, a law which is known as “No Dying”, it surely does not mean those exact words but it’s means preventing people as much as they can from getting diseases and especially the Infectious ones. The decision has came from the desire of the Town people for motivating each other of caring more about their health, but the main reason was that back in 1960 the town’s population was about 1300 persons but in 2015 there was only 537 left, most of them were over 65 years old, that’s why the town was very careful with the number of population, so the mayor had decided that anyone who would not commit on doing regular medical examinations would face 10 Euro fine per year.
Many European countries who suffer from the lack of population have started ongoing on laws like that one.

Canada obtains the third place worldwide in education. For sure any country in that position would be so motivated to benefit from every new research, indeed in the 7th of April 2004 the low of preventing the sale of the baby walkers had been released after some research proved that those walkers do more harm than good. And there had been said that if any family with an old one and was thinking about selling it in the country, would face up to hundred thousand dollars fine.
Canada is considered the first country in the world to ban the sells and importations of the baby walkers. After that decision, parents have chosen to teach their kids how to walk in the old fashioned way.

In a certain period of time Jasmine flowers have been known in social media as sign of insurrection and change and olive branches as peace.
When this object had been brought up to China, The government had made a strange decision to stop any kind of rebellion inside the country, and this decision wasn’t spreading Army on the streets or arresting people but it was stopping the spread of the Jasmine flowers. Of course that makes no sense at all, but the government had gathered the plantations and flowers owners and made them sign some papers which prevent them from circulating that kind of flowers or planting them, the government had even banned drawing the Jasmine flowers or listening to songs that are related to them.

While talking about fines and banns we should definitely not forget to mention the home of fines Singapore.
Singapore has been and still super famous with its fines that even people there give etch other souvenirs with the banning logos on them, just like Egyptians gift each other small Pharaohs statues. Singaporean people can buy t-shirts, mugs or even paintings with the banning laws as signs on them along with the fine worth beneath each one. And one of the strangest forbidden things there is flying a kite in the streets of Singapore, that behavior would cost $5,000. As to add to that, feeding birds in public squares could cost you 500 dollars, if you also bother someone in a public place with music instruments you’d face a 1,000 dollars fine, or if you spit on the road you will pay 1,000 dollars as well, and if you hack Somebody’s Wi-Fi you could get in jail for 3 years and pay 10,000 dollars fine to the government.

There are many countries around the world who are trying to protect the environment as much as possible, and Bangladesh is one of them, but did that with very strict laws;
The Bangladeshi government has banned plastic bags which are made of polyethylene and it usually is a one-time use product.
Because that kind of bags get stuck in the drainage systems and makes the water drainage during floods a hard task. In the beginning, the ban was only in the tourist areas, hotels and restaurants then the circle had spread, and in the 2002 Bangladesh had been one of the first countries to completely ban plastic bags. Despite of the fact that this law might seem strange to some people, but this is an operation that the entire world should consider as to fight against the plastic pollution.

Finally, we have come to an end of our little conversation about the strangest banned things in some countries around the world.
Thank you for reading.

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